Friday, June 10, 2016

The pains of wanting to stay neutral

Years ago, dressed in shades of peach,orange,apricot. I attended and participated in an opening ritual held by Daemon Wilburn, or auntie Dame as I lovingly call her. At that ritual we all came together as a force to build and lay the ground work for creating a stronger pagan community. Afterwards I sat at auntie dames feet and listened to her talk for hours. So caught up in her awesomeness and a feeling of pride that I had helped accomplish something epic.

But now

In the local pagan scene there seems to be a movement going where groups are coming together under new names to clash with other groups while smiling at each other with barred teeth. I now consider myself an outsider to many of these groups but what I see them doing to the community as a whole is creating tensions, drama and discord. Every few months there seems to be a new group popping up and trying to stake thier claim on a community that is not owned by anyone.
Instead of the warm and welcoming atmosphere I experienced years ago, where people new to the pagan community were welcomed and made to feel welcomed. Now there is a feeling of who are you and what can you do for us.
Each group trying to build a bigger army of followers and overshadowing each other's events.
Where does this pagans arms race end? When can we all get back to respecting each other and caring about everyone. Not just one person's or groups agenda.

 I want sit at auntie dames feet again and hear of the great things our community will accomplish.

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