Sunday, June 12, 2016

Keeping goodness in your heart.

There is still good left in this world. I have seen it. There is also bad, I have seen that too.  To many times in life people are told to mind thier own business and ignore others. Show a blind eye towards the wrong doings of others.
I still believe that there is good in Human beings. I have seen it, first hand.
The young man who walks an older women to her car to make sure she is safe.
The adult who wraps her arms around a child that is not hers to shield them and protect them.
The officer who stops traffic and helps a mother duck and her ducklings cross a road.
A biker who pulls over and helps change a flat tire or assist with a broken down car.
A working dad who buys lunch for a homeless mom and her child.
A lone women handing out wellness care packages to the homeless and forgotten
The store clerk who helps a grandmother in a wheelchair struggling to shop.
This is good in this world still, so I ask that tomorrow and from now on that we all act in the favor of good.
  Say a kind words, smile and look into the eyes of other people, help as you feel able to.  Keep goodness alive.
Stand up for others and defend those who are defenseless.  Stand together as a walk of Humanity and shine forth the inner good that is in each of us.
Good lives in all, straight, gay, white, black, pagan, Baptist,  Jewish, thin, obese, short tall. It does not matter. Be a Human and raise above hate and fear. Fill yourself with love and hope.

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