Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Parsley, Sage, Marijuana, and Thyme - why herbal identification training is sorely needed

As my mother proudly listed each one as best she remembered, the person started acting strangely.  Picking up a bundle, she pointedly asked if this bunch was marijuana.  You know, cannibis.  At this, one can imagine the look of incredulity that passed across my mother's face.  The acquaintance became quite insistent that it would be this, as the daughter is strange anyway.

After a moment of weighty silence, she was asked quite directly what would make her think that any daughter would gift her mother with a bundle of "weed" when she was clearly bringing over herbs.  Reevaluation of the mental faculties of this person took place on the spot.  The eternal mantra of the unpleasantly surprised came forward, "What is wrong with you?", and she was courteously encourage to consider her stay a tad bit overlong.

The fact that the writer is "strange" was code word for "witch" in these circles.  But seriously, when does that make one the local Cheech and Chong dream delivery franchisee?  The fact is, there are so many people who never take the time to look at what herbs, or other foods, look like before they are processed lead to this messiness.  Seriously, sage is not cannibis.

And if she is mistaking it for something she has had before, it is time to reconsider her sources.  Though to be frank, she does not seem the type to be featuring a bong display on her tatted lace doily collection.  While it is encouraging that she attempted field identification with limited training, it is most unfortunate that that was the first intuitive leap she would make.

Gentle readers, this writer encourages you to take to the highways, the hills, the byways, the streets, and the recreation centers to share your knowledge of actual herbs.  Please spread the word that just because it is on a stem, and has flowers and greenery that is not grass or hostas, does not mean it is a drug.  Shaking of the heads, indeed, were shared over this phone call.  Please don't let it happen to your friends and loved ones.  Only you can inspire a potential wildcrafter my fellow Detroit peeps, only you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy First Anniversary, Pagan Pathways Temple

By nubobo (1st Birthday Cake (1歳の誕生日ケーキ)) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
Happy Anniversary wishes are in order.  It is almost a year since Pagan Pathways Temple opened its brick and mortar doors to the Pagans in Southeast Michigan.  And what a year it has been.

Community town hall meetings, classes, workshops, and Wiccan services have all been held in its walls.  Weddings, a community thanksgiving, and a community center aspect that has hosted children's activities has made this home to many.  When there is no where else to find answers for the new seeker, this wonderful board and its leader, Rev. Nashan, have opened their arms and hearts to all who would come in peace and sincerity.

And now, wow, a full year has gone by since the opening.  The smiling face, beaming with pride and happiness, that was Nashan's is still easily brought to mind.  It was a celebration for all as they opening ritual raised a joyful noise with the music of "Happy" lifting all spirits in joining with their accomplishment.  

But as this writer always says, "The work is only done, by those who do the work".  And while they have been working their bodies and minds well beyond the limits of reasonable expectation, there are still many who have not heard of their existence, nor their message of inclusive Paganism.  They hold space for us, and for that, we give them honor.

So without any further delay, it is with great awe that the words of the good Reverend Nashan are shared here from his announcement regarding the anniversary celebration on September 11, 2016.  A good day to make a good memory and associate with the building of something good and right.  A good day to come out and contribute to the continued existence of this place. 

"Greetings all!

Well the official countdown has begun. 11 days until we begin our celebration of one complete year of service to the community that we Love. I would first like to thank the Pagan Pathways Temple Board for all of your hard work this year and your hard work in putting together this 2 day event. You guys inspire me! smile emoticon Love you.

I would also like to thank our dedicated staff of volunteers who (often times without being asked) take the time out of their schedules to work our events, clean the temple, act as temple keepers, and just get everything we need to get done, done. You guys Rock so hard!

Now we have a number of things coming up, but None as big as our Anniversary celebration. We have 2 days of fun and fellowship in store for you all and we sincerely hope you come and celebrate with us both days.
The schedule of events will be posted here on FB and on our website shortly so check back here soon.

Our goal is no less than 200 people each day showing up to hang out with us. We want to spread the word far and wide that the Temple is open and here to stay! So bring a friend. Bring that certain someone who has meant to get down to the temple, but just hasn't had that chance.

Join us as we change the world!

Blessed Be