Sunday, June 12, 2016

Keeping goodness in your heart.

There is still good left in this world. I have seen it. There is also bad, I have seen that too.  To many times in life people are told to mind thier own business and ignore others. Show a blind eye towards the wrong doings of others.
I still believe that there is good in Human beings. I have seen it, first hand.
The young man who walks an older women to her car to make sure she is safe.
The adult who wraps her arms around a child that is not hers to shield them and protect them.
The officer who stops traffic and helps a mother duck and her ducklings cross a road.
A biker who pulls over and helps change a flat tire or assist with a broken down car.
A working dad who buys lunch for a homeless mom and her child.
A lone women handing out wellness care packages to the homeless and forgotten
The store clerk who helps a grandmother in a wheelchair struggling to shop.
This is good in this world still, so I ask that tomorrow and from now on that we all act in the favor of good.
  Say a kind words, smile and look into the eyes of other people, help as you feel able to.  Keep goodness alive.
Stand up for others and defend those who are defenseless.  Stand together as a walk of Humanity and shine forth the inner good that is in each of us.
Good lives in all, straight, gay, white, black, pagan, Baptist,  Jewish, thin, obese, short tall. It does not matter. Be a Human and raise above hate and fear. Fill yourself with love and hope.

Friday, June 10, 2016

The pains of wanting to stay neutral

Years ago, dressed in shades of peach,orange,apricot. I attended and participated in an opening ritual held by Daemon Wilburn, or auntie Dame as I lovingly call her. At that ritual we all came together as a force to build and lay the ground work for creating a stronger pagan community. Afterwards I sat at auntie dames feet and listened to her talk for hours. So caught up in her awesomeness and a feeling of pride that I had helped accomplish something epic.

But now

In the local pagan scene there seems to be a movement going where groups are coming together under new names to clash with other groups while smiling at each other with barred teeth. I now consider myself an outsider to many of these groups but what I see them doing to the community as a whole is creating tensions, drama and discord. Every few months there seems to be a new group popping up and trying to stake thier claim on a community that is not owned by anyone.
Instead of the warm and welcoming atmosphere I experienced years ago, where people new to the pagan community were welcomed and made to feel welcomed. Now there is a feeling of who are you and what can you do for us.
Each group trying to build a bigger army of followers and overshadowing each other's events.
Where does this pagans arms race end? When can we all get back to respecting each other and caring about everyone. Not just one person's or groups agenda.

 I want sit at auntie dames feet again and hear of the great things our community will accomplish.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Deal with post event crud.

For the love of all things Dark, Sparkling and bitey column by Shetan Noir

Dealing with Pagan Con crud and Post Con blues.

Pagan gatherings and conventions are unlike any other situations you may encounters in life. While many people go to conventions, meetings and social outings in normal every day life, Few would cast a spell at the local ComicCon or Farmers market. But this seems to be a constant issue at Pagan events because only pagans cast out spells and rituals at gatherings and leave these in place after they leave.
While many people deal with Con Crud and Post con blues after leaving Conventions. Pagan Conventions offer up a different kind of Con crud. At a regular Convention you deal with the colds or flu you were exsposed to and caught, hang overs and loss of conection with like minded people. All normal things to expect from a Convention.
But at Pagan conventions the PCC or Pagan Con Crud is much more and becoming an issue at these events. Think about it. As you walk in and out of class rooms, down halls or into hotel rooms. How many spells are you walking through? How many Rituals known and unknown take place? How many people are walking around throwing out curses, instead of blessings. Think of how much magical Residue collects on you and effects you over the course of a events time. This can take a devastating toll on people's health and may take you days or week to recover from.
People cast their spells and either forget to take them down or leave them up as a way to sabatage the event, the location or certain people attending. Why is this acceptable? Why do some people feel it is fine to cast a spell on the location? Or Cast spells at certain people, No matter what the reasoning for casting spells at these events it should stop, unless it is to help the event or people attending.
For years it has been my routine that after I came home from a Pagan event that I would use peppermint to strip all the magical ick off. Including P.C.C. After recently attending Convocation in Michigan I notice that for the first time in 8 yrs. Peppermint and a day of rest was not going to be enough.
So what does one do when dealing with P.C.C.? Here are some suggestions That I have found helpful.

To remove Magical Ick(the spell residue that you come in contact with)
A hot soaking bath that includes Peppermint, Hyssop and Laverder. Soak for as long as you can and make sure to submerge into the water at least once.
Drinking Peppermint tea also helps to remove the bad magic residue.

To deal with the a cold
Elderberry extract is a miricle in a bottle.
Chicken Noodle soup, Wonton soup, Miso Soup, Hot broth soups work wonders.
1 tsp. Honey mixed with 1/4 tsp. Cinnamon

Ginger teas

4 Thieves oil
Clove essential oil
Lemon essential oil
Cinnamon essential oil
Eucalyptus essential oil
Rosemary essential oil
Add a few drops of each to a container of epsion salt and let sit for 10 mins then add to a hot bath and soak.

Post Con blues
Make plans to see friends anc conven members more often.
Take local classes that are of interest to you
Teach classes about what you already know
Go museums or botaninal gardens
Enjoy a movie or t.v. show

The best thing you can do to help yourself with P.C.C. or Post Con Blues is to learn to sheild yourself. There is a saying that you can not pour from an empthy cup. Meaning you need to take care of yourself before you can be of help to anyone else. It would be nice to know that more people were practing sheilding and sending out blessings instead of casting spells and harming others.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The importance of knowing what not to say - the Sorcerous Word

Hello Magickal Peeps!!!

Just wanted to stop by, after a looooong vacation, and talk about something important.  The Sorcerous Word and how it is not to be used lightly.  Or, it's not just how you say it, it is what you say.

You see, it is very important to understand that there is no Universal Translator to the world of the divine.  Often times, when doing magick,it is not uncommon for the new comer to be interested in shortcutting the spell craft and going straight to execution of a badly worded working.

It is also not unheard of for well seasoned magickians go become.L.A.Z.Y. 

  • Letting
  • All
  • Zeal
  • Yap
No one wants to listen to someone orate in badly worded language, or broken English when they are at a seminar, or when someone is making a request of them.  It borders on the painful.  Also, no one wants to hear meandering flowery language arts that have no point be poured into their ears when they have been sent for to do a job.

Same thing applies to your workings.  Please, keep it short, sweet, simple, and precise.  When you speak to entities, even yourself, you are creating a program of actions and consequences with magic.  And magic takes the route of least resistance.  If it has no clear destination, it wanders and goes off track.  If it has conflicting instructions, it fizzles or goes haywire.

And for the love of all things in Creation, make contracts clear and precise.  AND NEVER PROMISE WHAT YOU CANNOT DO.   AND NEVER ASK FOR WHAT YOU CANNOT HANDLE.

Shut up, sometimes, and listen to what you are writing out in your head, or on paper, with an objective ear.  If you were the magick itself, would you know what you are asking?  If not, then redo it.  Proper wording, it helps.